Happiness In Slavery
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June 9, 2003
Fixed the link for the Hugh Jackman fanlisting...
That's pretty much it...I'm still working on my latest fic...definatly is taking sometime to complete it....
April 19, 2003
Added some new quotes...they were added on the 16 but I had some problems with updating...
Also I made a page for Shortfics...the ones that have moved to that page are "Raven, Dreamer", "Turn Me On Mr. Deadman", "Little Girl", "Angeline", "Immortal", "The Race", "Rhianna", "Blood and Fire", "Fuel My Fire", "Heat" & "One Night"
Added a NEW fic to the Shortfic page called "A Day In The Life"
March 12, 2003
Added some more quotes :D
Feb 27, 2003
Finally tripod let me in to update...
I added some more quotes :D
I added some new links all fanfiction sites. "Wrestling Slash" , "The Dark Side is strong in this one..." ,  "GlassTiger's World" & "Wrestlefic"

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